About Us


HYAT CO. is a hijab brand based in Calgary, Alberta which strives to provide beautiful and affordable hijabs to women all across the world. As a new brand, we want our products to cater to all types of women. We try to provide different fabrics, colours, and shapes of hijabs to fit everyones preferences!

We are also a company that believes in sustainability and change. We are working to try and reduce our waste to 0% and bring in more environmentally friendly products. 

HYAT CO. also has a mission on educating women on different areas of life. Please stay tuned for our blog posts on different issues happening to women around the world. Although ignorance is bliss, we want to give women the ultimate power of knowledge and hopefully inspire change. 

For any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact us via email at hyatco.contact@gmail.com

We are open to listening to our customers and improving our services based on the feedback we are given. 

This brand was started by Dina Ibrahim, a third year Psychology student and entrepreneur. She is also a professional henna artist and low carb baker. She wants to create a brand which is inclusive of women in all shapes, sizes, and skin colour. 

We truly hope that you love the products we have to offer. We will be bringing in new collections and styles to fit future trends and styles inshallah.